2024 KIA Soul Release Date, Models, Price

2024 KIA Soul Release Date, Models, PriceThis year’s Kia Soul has a few new features. The new logo and a new 10.25-inch touchscreen will be added to the car from the S trim forward, while the base LX model now features an 8-inch touchscreen. The S, GT-Line, and X-Line versions now come standard with amenities, including dual-zone automatic temperature control and wireless charging. If you want even more driver help features, you can get the new Technology package for the LX model.
Starting at $19,190, the Soul has the same 147-hp inline-4 and 201-hp turbo-4 engines. The manual transmission has been phased out, which is a shame. There’s plenty of space inside the Soul, and it comes equipped with a slew of cutting-edge driver assistance features. Compact crossovers like the Hyundai Kona, Honda HR-V, and Subaru Crosstrek are competitors for the Soul and other vehicles.

new kia soul

new kia soul


The design of the Kia Soul for the year 2024

The Soul is a sleek, futuristic-looking automobile skillfully coated in gloss black parts and thin headlamps. The handy little city vehicle might transform into an Autobot in the blink of an eye. The 2024 Kia Soul portfolio options are LX, S, GT-Line, EX, and Turbo. Only the GT-Line, EX, and Turbo have a motorized sunroof, while the apex trim has LED headlights. Wheel sizes range from 16 inches for the basic model’s steel wheels to 18 inches for the GT-Line, X-Line, and Turbo models’ alloys, up to 20 inches for all four of the model’s trim levels. It’s only possible to get LED fog lights and headlights on the Turbo grade, with a unique center-exit exhaust.

A comparison-based just on dimensions shows that the Kia Soul is dwarfed by the Hyundai Kona, despite its commanding appearance. From nose to tailgate, the Kia is 165.2 inches long and stands at 63 inches tall, with a width of 70.9 inches. The wheelbase is 102.4 inches long. Having a ground clearance of 6.7 inches implies that you won’t have any issues if you frequently venture off the beaten path. The Soul weighs 2,844 pounds at its lightest and 3,036 pounds in Turbo trim when it is at its heaviest.

Kia Soul interior

Kia Soul interior



Despite its small size, the Soul’s interior is surprisingly fun and well-made, even though it’s small. This is another area where the Soul has captured the hearts of many buyers. Even at this price range, you wouldn’t anticipate an interior of this grade, but the Soul has excellent materials and some fantastic modern technology in the cabin. The boxy shape provides a lot of space inside, but the interior design appears more fluid and rounder than the outside. Is it an opulent setting? Yes, but it’s not quite like that. If you look at the Soul’s interior compared to some of its main competitors, you’ll be amazed.

As we previously stated, the Kia Soul SUV’s boxy design was most likely a deliberate effort by Kia to maximize inside capacity. The strategy succeeded, and the Soul is currently one of the segment’s roomiest challengers, comfortably outstripping the Hyundai Kona’s inside volume. Reached other cars in its class, the headroom of 39.4 and 39.5 inches (38.3 in front with the sunroof) and space of 41.1 and 38.8 inches are vast. On the cheaper grades, the seats are comfy, but on the Turbo model, they’re bolstered for a more athletic feel. The EX and Turbo are the only versions that provide 10-way power-adjustable seats with two-way lumbar support. At the same time, other models come standard with a four-way manually-adjustable passenger seat.

Kia Soul price

Kia Soul price



Two engines are still available for the Kia Soul. 148 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque are available from the 2.0L inline-4 engine. The Kia pairs its engine with a continuously variable gearbox (CVT) as with most compact crossovers. The manual transmission removal is one of the most significant alterations for the next model year. A 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine with 201 horsepower and 195 pounds-feet of torque is found in the Turbo model, which has a lot of power. Dual-clutch automatic transmissions are standard on this vehicle.

When driving at low speeds or at traffic lights, the engine, and dual-clutch transmission don’t coordinate smoothly, and the vehicle feels jerky. The suspension dampens the impact of road imperfections without making the ride squishy or bouncy. Although it isn’t the best in the business, the Soul’s steering has a good weight. There are a lot of errors to repair, but it’s quick and responsive without being overbearing. It doesn’t seem top-heavy despite its boxy shape, even while driving around curves.

The price and release date of the Kia Soul in 2024.

Its low price is one of the Soul’s most compelling selling points. The Kia Soul LX starts at around $19,190 for the basic model. Compared to the Kona’s entry-level SE model, the Soul is significantly less expensive. It costs $21,490 to upgrade to the S and $22,590 to upgrade to the GT-Line. The X-Line and EX trim levels of the Kia Soul are identical in price at $23,490 and $23,490, respectively. While the Turbo’s price has risen significantly compared to the others, it is still within reach at $27,790. The $1,175 destination fee is not included in any of these prices.

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